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Scanned Records from 1821 - 1982

As the older records are scanned and prepared to be displayed electronically we will add them to the website database.


Index Book General Cases 1896 - 1899

Index Book 3 and 4 General Division

Index Book 3 and 4 Defendant

Index Book 6 and 7 General Division

General Cases 1 - 1905 - 1907

General Cases 1 - 1900 - 1907

General Cases 2 - 1900 - 1907

General Cases 3 - 1900 - 1907

General Cases 4 - 1900 - 1907

General Cases 5 - 1900 - 1907

General Cases 6 - 1900 - 1907

General Cases 11 - 1907 - 1909

General Cases 12 1910 - 1911

General Cases 13-14 1910 - 1913

General Cases 14-15 1913 -1918

General Cases 15 - 16 1918 - 1919 - 1920



Lincoln Bust Image by Brian Aarup

Honoring Lincoln's Contribution to the Illinois Court System

Prior to his service as America's 16th President, Abraham Lincoln
was a retailer,  a surveyor, a legislator but primarily ...a lawyer.

Lincoln spent nearly twenty-five years of his life as a lawyer in private
 practice in Central Illinois.  His home was just blocks from the Sangamon County Courthouse.

In celebration of Lincoln's 200th birthday and his contribution to the legal profession,
 the Sangamon County Bar Association  has commissioned and installed three
 life size busts; as a young lawyer in the 1830's (depicted above with a background of New Salem, Illinois),
 as he looked in the 1850's and as he looked when he left Springfield and assumed the Presidency. 

The busts have been installed in the common areas outside the courtrooms
 on the 5th, 6th and 7th floors of the Sangamon County Courthouse.

Lincoln Papers

The Papers of Abraham Lincoln is a good resource of papers, history and news.
Click on the image above to continue to their website.

Abraham Lincoln scanned list of cases from the Lincoln Legal Papers Project

Lincoln Cases


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