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Sangamon County Circuit Clerk
Joseph H. Drennan
1912 -1916

Joseph H Drennan


Joseph H Drennan was born on April 7, 1853 in Ball Township of Illinois. His parents’ names were Jackson Drennan and Sarah Hurley.  Joseph held the same name as his paternal grandfather, who is reportedly the second white settler in our area of Illinois.

Joseph attended Illinois College in Jacksonville for one year before joining the farming community in Illinois with much success.  Drennan owned two hundred and twenty acres of land at one time in our history and was regarded as “well educated, liberal in his views, generous as regards money matters, and always gentlemanly and genial . . . popular with the entire community” (Portrait p 758).

Drennan married Miss Mattie E. Forbes on November 27, 1871 at 18 years old.  Their union resulted in one daughter, Hattie F. Drennan.  Joseph H. Drennan carried on his prestigious and historically rich name with grace and respect.  “In politics he [was] a sound Democrat and is a leader in his party in the section of the state” (Portrait p 758).

Excerpted from the book Portrait and Biographical Album of Sangamon County 1891.  Sangamon Valley Collection Lincoln Library.

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