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Family Division

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The Family Division of the Circuit Clerk's Office consists of five offices: Family, Divorce, Child Support, Adoption and Mental Health. The clerks in this Division file new cases in the following types: 

Adoption (AD)

Adoption case numbers are assigned to every adoption case. Adoption Records and all Juvenile case types are impounded pursuant to state law and are not public record.

Dissolution (D)

Dissolution case numbers are assigned to complaints for dissolution of marriage, annulment, or separate maintenance.  Divorce clerks handle any new filings for Divorce cases. These filings may include visitation and child support if minor children are involved.  The Divorce clerk publishes new divorce judgments and sends all new divorce judgments to the Office of Vital Records. When you file for Dissolution as "agreed" you must file an appearance and consent  the total amount due is (check filing fees).

Family (F)

Family case numbers are assigned to a variety of matters including proceedings to establish the parent-child relationship: Child Support, Custody, Visitation, Emancipation.  Clerks process new filings for paternity, child support, visitation etc., on cases in which the parties involved are not married.  The Family clerk accepts filings by the State’s Attorney and the Illinois Department of Public Aid. Child Support Clerk records child support payments received by mail.  Clerks are also responsible for establishing and amending new child support judicial orders. The Family Division, enabling the Courts, maintains child support payment records for Sangamon County children of divorce to ensure that financial support reaches children of divorced parents.

Mental Health (MH)

Mental Health case numbers are assigned to proceedings involving commitment, discharge, or restoration of legal status. The Division files petitions for hospitalization, discharge, restoration, and treatment. Mental Health cases are not open to the public and must have a Judge's Order to be viewed.

The Family Division also collects the fee for persons wishing to be married by a Judge.  This fee is $10.00.  The parties must visit the Sangamon County Clerk’s Office (Room 101, Sangamon County Courts Complex) and apply for their Marriage License before paying for the judicial marriage.

Family Division Clerks are available to answer any questions Monday through Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm, in the Office of the Circuit Clerk, Room 405, Sangamon County Court Complex.






Civil/Family Division
Suzanne Ushman Manager