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Criminal Division


Criminal Division
David Harmony Manager


Dave Harmony Manager
The Criminal Division prepares and maintains felony, misdemeanor, and domestic violence files in Sangamon County.  The division also provides staff support and inputs pleadings, performs criminal background checks, prepares files for court, issues and recalls warrants.  The division is responsible for ordinance violations, prisoner mail, expungements, and prepares all cases on appeal for the Appellate Court of the 4th Judicial District.


Criminal charges are filed and processed in the Criminal Division of the Circuit Clerk's office.  The Criminal Division handles all warrants of arrest for the Circuit Clerk's office.  The division prepares documents for law enforcement to transfer prisoners to the Illinois Department of Corrections.  The division is also responsible for conducting criminal record searches, managing case files and setting dockets for trials and preliminary hearings. 

Criminal Felony (CF)

Felony case numbers are assigned when at least one count charges a felony crime.

Criminal Misdemeanor (CM)

Misdemeanor case numbers are assigned when the most serious charge carries a penalty of less than one year imprisonment.

Juvenile (J)

Juvenile case numbers are assigned to proceeding involving young people, not yet adults for purposes of criminal law.

Juvenile Abuse and Neglect (JA)

Juvenile Abuse and Neglect case numbers are assigned to cases of a neglected or abused minor. (If the case contains multiple counts, including delinquency, the case is assigned a JD case number).

Juvenile Delinquency (JD)

Juvenile Delinquency case numbers are assigned to all cases involving a delinquent minor.

Order of Protection (OP)

Order of Protection case numbers are assigned to cases of abused and abusive persons.  The Office of the State's Attorney may issue a Criminal Order of Protection.

Ordinance Violation (OV)

Ordinance Violation case numbers are assigned to cases when a violation of local ordinance is charged. (With the exception of violation of a traffic ordinance, this would have a TR or DT case number).



All fees collected by the Circuit Clerk are mandated by law.

Main Phone

217 753-6674

Sangamon County Courts Complex
200 South Ninth Street

Springfield, Illinois 62701